We accept customized Silkscreen and Digital Printing.

Cebu T-Shirt Printing
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The Features of Digital Printing

– Uses a four-color processing system to create designs: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black
– Does not require screens or plates
– The maximum print size on digital jobs is 120 inches.

Digital Printing Advantages

– Prints all colors in a single pass and makes the process more efficient
– Since the process is digital, there is a perfect registration between individual colors
– No bleeds or traps occur because digital printers use butt registration
– Capable of reproducing any type of graphic
– Reduces prep time for efficient project completion

Why should you choose digital t shirt printing?

– For small and medium quantities, digital printing is the most cost-effective choice.
– Shorter lead times since there is less prep time. The art files moves directly from the computer to the press.
– Process quality is superior to most analog systems because there are more dots per inch making superior resolution

Analog Printing Features

– Colors are laid down one at a time
– Separate silk screens for each color used
– Maximum print size is 32-inches by 45-inches

Advantages of Analog Printing

– Ink is mixed for each job and allows custom color matching
– Analog inks are more opaque than digital
– Inks are more affordable
– Analog excels at printing reverse colors

Why should you choose screen printing?

– For high volume jobs, the costs are lower
– The colors are richer and can be laid down on reverse backgrounds